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Alternatives To Frozen Yoghurt

So What Now?

The frozen yoghurt market has softened (pardon the pun), confusion in the market?????

Well not really.

Here is a quick run down of product we have developed or can supply that is in our warehouse right now, ready for the next season.

1. Of course we have our own soft serve yoghurt.

We have three types, from three different manufacturers:

Tart, Mild, and European styles.

That's 5 different styles you can try.

2. We have two soft serve ice creams:

Full cream and full/skim milk blends.

3. We have two UHT soft serve ice creams:

One manufactured here in OZ and another made in NZ

4. We have authentic soft serve Gelato, not ice cream as others try to pass off.

5. What about Lactose Free Yoghurt base? There are many people who can not consume milk from cows.

6. And for the chocoholics, we have a complete dark chocolate sorbet, add water and off you go......

7. For the health conscious, what about trying our High Protein - Low Sugar option. You can flavour this any way you like.

8. Ready made sorbet base. Add water and flavour and stick it in the machine.

Update: This baby is a real gem. We have successfully added different fruit juices and cold coffee to this base and boy oh boy does it produce a rippa product!

9. Ready made soft serve fruit sorbet, available as a Snip and Pour solution. Three magnificent flavours: Pineapple, Mango and Passion fruit.

10. Want to try your own sorbet recipes, no problem, MorbiFruitta from Fabbri is the ideal base to start from. 

11. Soft Serve Gelato - Yep, we have developed a soft serve gelato (no this is not a repackaged ice cream as others have done!). This product is as easy as:

  • Mix the base with hot water
  • Let stand for 20 minutes
  • Add the premeasured Flavour Pod
  • Pour into the soft serve machine

So if you think you only have a soft serve yoghurt machine, I trust that you will try some of the product outlined here, test your market, maybe put a few more dollars in the till and understand that you have MORE than a Soft Serve Yoghurt machine in your shop.

Drop us an email at You might find we have a lot to offer.