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Making Soft Serve

Is there really any different between brands ?


Making a soft serve powder is a recipe. Chocolate mud cake is not the same everywhere you go, neither are meat pies or custard tarts.

Different manufacturers use different amount of ingredients. So some recipes can be quite citric, whilst others can be quite sweat. There is no right or wrong, they are just different.

However, what we see regularly is that many business owners fail to understand that business is not about what the owner likes, it is about what the paying customer likes. Just because I don't like a particular flavour, does not mean that you don't.

And there in lies a major problem with so many small businesses in this economic climate. Being scared of trying something new or different is a cataclysmic oversight.

As Albert Einstein once said,

The definition of Insanity is keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

At Sydney Gelato and Packaging Supplies we have developed several different products so that you can give your customer more choice. Check some of these great ideas out.

After all, if you are too scared to try something new because you don't want to loose a customer, stop and think about all those customer you don't have because they don't like what you do now.

Food for thought!