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We have Two Great Packages!


Packaging 1 - Party Hire

  1. You pick up the machine on Friday.
  2. You drop it back on Monday.
  3. We supply you the mixes, cups, straws
  4. $150 for the weekend  plus consumables.
  5. You are responsible for any damage/repairs.
  6. Yes, there is paperwork to be signed. Sorry


Package 2 - Machine on your site

Plenty of people want a slush machine for short periods of time, but very few want to part with $4,000 + at this time of year.

So rather than you take the risk of weather a slush machine will or won’t work in your shop, I am going to take the risk for you. 

I have put together this offer for you!. 

I will…. 

1.   Supply you an Italian Made Sencotel Twin Barrel Slush machine 

2.   Throw in for free one 4 litre bottle of slush concentrate of any flavour we have in stock 

a.   This one bottle will make 20 litres of slush and if you sell a 16oz cup for $3.95, you should be making $166 of gross profit.

And the conditions, well yes there are always conditions. Sorry, that’s the legal stuff. 

1.   Minimum term is 60 days, with a 14 day notice of return and you return it when the agreement expires. 

2.  The offer is only available to you if you hold a credit card.

3.   We will charge your credit card weekly, no accounts, sorry 

4.   Payments must be paid one week in advance 

5.   Sign a copy of our “Retail Equipment Placement Agreement” for insurance purposes. 

6.   Damage – did I hear you say….well simple realy, if you break something simple like the handle, you get the bill, but if something more sinister occurs, well, that’s my problem and we’ll just swap the machine out, subject to machine availability. 

a.   Please note that if damage is excessive because the unit fell off the table, (don’t laugh – it does happen) well, naturally you get that bill. Sorry. 

How much are you saying…… 

No Tricks, No slide of hand, No deep pocket…just a straight up and honest -> A whopping $4.95 per day including GST. 


Yep that is $4.95 per day. That’s the cost of one large slushy.