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  Terms of Sale

Effective 1st March 2013

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Is any one of the following businesses:

Sydney Gelato & Packaging Supplies Pty Ltd

Sydney Gelato & Soft Serve Supplies

SGP Food Equipment Agencies

Frosty Boy Illawarra and Macarthur

IM Gelato Supplies

IM Packaging Supplies


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Terms Of Sale;

1. Title of Goods remains with Supplier until payment is made in full.

2. Damage Claims must be made within 7 days from date of delivery. Damaged goods are to be returned to Supplier at the client’s expense or picked up on the next delivery run.

3. Product Returns:

a. Must be authorized by representative staff of Supplier.

b. Must have a minimum of three (3) months shelf life.

c. Are at the client’s expense.

d. Have a 30% restocking fee payable.

4. Pick up from our warehouse is possible with prior arrangement.

5. Weekend deliveries or pick ups will incur a $65 (inc GST) fee.

6. Local delivery fees are as follows.

a. 1 delivery per week is FIS.

b. 2nd & subsequent deliveries in any one week will incur the following delivery fees

i. Macarthur Area $15 per delivery

ii. Illawarra Area $35 per delivery

iii. South Coast (South of Shell Harbour) $55 per delivery

7. Non Local Delivery fees are as follows.

a. Orders over $1000 are FIS

b. Orders under $1000 are charged according to the Terms and Conditions of our selected Courier Company.

c. Orders over $1000, but Invoice at less than $1000 still qualify for FIS.

8. Finance Charges are applicable as follows.

a. Out of Terms by 30-45 days – 5% per month

b. Out of Terms by 46-60 days – 10% per month

c. Beyond 61 days will be treated as a Bad Debt

8. Bad Debts will be treated as follows.

a. Be given the courtesy of two (2) written communications either by Mail, SMS, Fax or Email.

b. You will be given every opportunity to make good the debt prior to litigation being commenced. If credit card details are on file as per Clause 9. a., we will attempt to charge your credit card prior to commencing litigation.

c. Bad Debts will incur a $250 Administration Fee

d. Have debt recovery proceedings commenced with Dun & Bradstreet. All associated recovery fees will be added to the outstanding balance and wholly payable by the invoiced party.

e. Will be charged interest as deemed by the legislated debt recover process.

9. Credit Card payments attract a 2.6% merchant fee.

a. Credit Card details are kept on hard copy file.

b. Credit Card Payments are processed through PayPal.

10. Price changes may occur without prior written notification.

11. Dishonored cheque payments will incur a $35 Administration Fee.

12. Terms of Sale may change without notice.

13. Out of Terms procedure.

a. Non-Compliance by Sydney Gelato and Packaging Supplies Pty Ltd to insist on strict adhernce to any term or condition will not be taken as a waiver of it or any subsequent breach of the agreement.

b. It is not the role of Sydney Gelato and Packaging Supplies Pty Ltd to manage your account customers.

c. If your credit account with Sydney Gelato and Packaging Supplies Pty Ltd is not kept in terms then the following may apply:

(i) the full account balance is due and payable prior to any further product being dispatched.

(ii) the subsequent three (3) purchases from Sydney Gelato and Packaging Supplies Pty Ltd will strictly be on a pre-pay basis.

(iii) Sydney Gelato and Packaging Supplies Pty Ltd will review our willingness to extend payment terms for the fourth (4th) and subsequent orders.

(iv) Your credit account privileges with Sydney Gelato and Packaging Supplies Pty Ltd may be withdrawn.